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HR & Payroll

Payroll Solutions with integrated HRM

Whether you manually manage your payroll yourself or outsource it, we can help you do it better. Now easyPayMe with integrated HRM provide's a better way to manage your workforce.

Our primary goal is to help reduce your administrative burden, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Our payroll solutions are specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses in Dubai,Abu Dhabi, other UAE Emirates and the Middle East (Gulf - GCC) region and are robust, yet flexible and low cost.


Masters & Setup

• Payroll Setup :

Definition of Manual & Auto Employee Codes

Definition of Salary & Allowances Structure

Annual, Medical & Other Leaves definition

• Overtime Template to define overtime calculation parameters

• Gratuity Template to define gratuity calculation parameters

• Grade Template with option to create multiple Grades with their respective default Salary, Leave & Airtickets, Overtime, Gratuity etc


Payroll Management

• Overtime Calculations

• Reimbursements, Claims and Deductions

• Advances, Loan Application and Deductions

• Loan Top-up & Pre-closure

• Recurring Expenses (Payments & Deductions)

• Monthly Payroll Processing & Editing

• Salary Register and Payslips Printing

• Salary Disbursements by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer

• Bank Transfer Letter and Cheque Printing

• WPS (Wage Protection System) as per U.A.E. Labor Law

Human Resouse Management

• Employee Documents Management

Passports, Visas and other Documents expiry dates tracking

Documents Issue To and Current possession tracking

Scanned documents attachments

• Company Assets Management

Company Assets Issues & Returns Tracking

Tracking current Asset possession

• Employee Qualification, Experience & Appraisals

Employee previous working experience history

Employee Educational Qualification

Records of Employee Appraisals, Reprimands, Fines etc

• Employee Salary Reviews & Promotions

Employment Confirmation & Increments

Grade, Designation and Department change

Promotions, Demotions, Salary Review etc

• Sick, Casual and Other Leave Provision and Tracking

• Medical, Paternity, Haj and Compensatory Leaves

• Annual Leave and Air Ticket / Allowance Calculation

• Bonus Calculation by Employee, Grades on Fixed or Percentage basis

• Gratuity and End of Service Benefits Calculation

Reports & Document Prints

• Master Listing

• Payslip Printing

• Salary Statements & Ledgers

• Cash Denomination Report for Cash Disbursement

• Overtime Reports

• Payments & Deductions Expense Reports

• Loans and Advances

• Bonus Ledgers

• Employee Salary change, Reviews & Appraisals report

• Document Status Report

• Document Issue/Receipt Tracking Report

• Asset Status Report

• Asset Issue/Receipt Tracking Report

• Annual & Normal Leave Ledger

• Monthly Accrued Liability report

• Gratuity provision & Gratuity Ledgers


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