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IT Security

Nellika Computers LLC IT Security Providers in Dubai, maintaining the long-standing relationships with major IT companies and offering the valuable advice on the security issues affecting organizations. The most suitable and fitting technology is selected to moderate risks come from software vulnerabilities, internal lapses in security, malicious outside attacks or any other issues.

We recognize the security issues that affecting the organization and provide the best management strategies for protecting the privacy, reliability and availability of the IT systems and resources that support critical business practices of our clients.

Firewalls and VPNs, Server Security, and Desktop Defense: today's network security needs are complex. You need security systems built around a comprehensive protection strategy that safeguards your network's critical points, lets you manage your security with ease, and keeps you informed and prepared for new threats.

We believe specialized security solutions built on three key principles: depth of solutions, simplified management, and proactive vigilance. Nellika Computers LLC has wide options both in opensource and commercial appliances.

The ideal firewall solutions for small business integrate a hardware firewall with software controls into a comprehensive security solution that includes virtual private network (VPN) support, antivirus, antispam, antispyware, and content filtering capabilities.

A VPN supplies network connectivity over a possibly long physical distance. In this respect, a VPN is a form of Wide Area Network (WAN). VPNs enable file sharing, video conferencing and similar network services. Virtual private networks generally don't provide any new functionality that isn't already offered through alternative mechanisms, but a VPN implements those services more efficiently / cheaply in most cases.

A key feature of a VPN is its ability to work over both private networks as well as public networks like the Internet. Using a method called tunneling, a VPN use the same hardware infrastructure as existing Internet or internet links. VPN technologies includes various security mechanisms to protect the virtual, private connections.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help and protect businesses. We have no vendor bias, so we are not just here to sell best products. VPN for head office and branch offices in Dubai.

Nellika Computers LLC has a dedicated Team for IT security solutions and can set up and manage a wide range of Firewalls from Cisco , Fortigate, Dell Sonicwall  Firewall VPN Dubai, Open VPN Dubai.

If you are looking for Firewall – VPN or email security solution , or are simply looking for somebody to audit your IT systems, give one of our helpful advisors a call today on +971509809477. Alternatively, you can fill in our online contact form, and we will call you back.








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Nellika Computers LLC is IT company in Dubai providing various IT solutions . As System Integrator  Nellika Computers LLC has wide experience in the UAE market UAE. In UAE we operate from Dubai.

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